Welcome to Our Venture


SIT – Slash Institute of Technologies stands to provide world class and verity of training services to IT infra, Colleges, Schools and individual person, who want to upgrade their self in IT.

We are the team stand to provide every level of solution.


A University Dedicated your success

Each University make their candidates certified in their available curriculum, University give you direction towards IT path, but we take your hand to reach on IT.

Classic College of Experience

Till the date, we visited number of colleges in world and lots of students, We feel the huger of knowledge in them, curiosity of learning and aggression of achievement to success in life.

After Graduation

In every region their is number of University and Colleges who product the graduates, but anyone take care about career?.

Hands on Research

We allow to implement your idea with expert guidance

Our Mentor

Mayur More

Expert Instructor

Mayur is expert and experienced instructor in open-source platform

Vishal Kute

Hosting Adviser

With his core experience, his ready to give easy solution to world in hosting infra.

Neha Patil


With her dynamic thinking, The lady who handles the infra and project.

Mahesh Pawar

Security Expert

With his unique technique Mahesh known as hacker, Ahm Ah.. Ethical Hacker..!!!